Video: Peter Spitz tells how his wife shot him in the face while he was asleep

Six years ago, Peter Spitz's wife, Teresa, shot him three times in his face while he slept, then killed his mother. Spitz woke up blind.

The attack and its aftermath are the subject of this week's cover story, "Blindsided." It's a domestic tragedy of such horrific proportions that outsiders wonder how the victim finds the strength to carry on.

Spitz's response to his ordeal stunned some of his friends and appalled others. The ex-Marine defended Teresa at trial, insisting she must have been mentally ill to commit such an inexplicable crime. In part because of his effort, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity by an Arapahoe County jury.

Since the trial, the relationship has taken some strange turns, as detailed in my feature. But Spitz continues to speak with candor and great clarity about the night he lost his mother and his sight. Below are two excerpts from a video conversation with Spitz about those events.

The first deals with his recollections of the night of the shootings:

And the clip below describes his response to learning that his wife was the person who shot him:

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