B-cycle sculpture: Local artist designs ode to Denver's new bike-sharing program

As if B-cycle, Denver's new bike-sharing program -- the largest of its kind in the country -- wasn't cool enough... Now, when you rent your bike and help save the planet at the B-cycle station at the corner of 25th and Lawrence streets, you can get your art on, too. That's thanks to the new urban sculpture by local artist Christopher Hecker that's gone up next to the station, a fusion of recycled car hoods that's meant to celebrate both sustainable art and sustainable transportation.

"After coming back to Denver from Los Angeles, I wanted to create a sculpture that aligns with an initiative I believe in," says Hecker. "The Denver bike sharing program, with its commitment to this community and our environment, really was a perfect fit for my art."

The City of Denver obviously thought so, too, since they had no problem installing Hecker's one-of-a-kind piece next to their fancy automated bike station. We're hoping to see more B-cycle-inspired sculptures popping up around town. How about one of the DIA hell mustang riding on a cruiser bike?