Panty Bandit Captured

Date: 06-15-07 Type of Offense: Second-degree Burglary Location of Offense: Sunnyside neighborhood

We can all now breath a sniff of relief. The panty bandit, who has been terrorizing the underwear drawers of Northwest Denver for three years, has been caught. Perhaps it’s best not to surmise the motivations behind 34-year-old Carlos Vigil’s hobby of breaking into homes to swipe panties, clothing and photos. But we should give Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson a pat on the back for crafting an amazingly vague press release about the arrest. Officers apparently engaged in “hundreds of man hours” of police work, involving both “conventional and unconventional means,” which allowed them to zero in on Vigil’s “mannerisms.” And can we please get some more details the bandit’s stockpile of “evidence”? –Jared Jacang Maher

“Starting in 2003, there was a series of burglaries, in which an unknown suspect was breaking into homes and stealing women's undergarments, clothing, shoes and pictures. The unknown suspect was targeting white females, who resided in the area of 44th and Beach Court. The suspect is believed to have committed as many as 12 burglaries occurred between mid 2003 until 06-06-07.

During this time, district one officers spent hundreds of man hours trying to apprehend the unknown suspect. These included both conventional and unconventional means available to law enforcement.

After the latest break in on 06-06-07, District One Detectives Jeffrey Hart and Mark Duran were assigned the follow up investigation. They formulated a plan of action, which started with conducting a thorough neighborhood survey of a 6 block radius around the victim's residences. On 06-12-07, while conducting the survey, they made contact with a Carlos Vigil (05-06-73) who resides at 4404 Beach Ct. His mannerisms and information he provided to the detectives led them to believe that he was somehow involved with the burglaries.

A search of his residence revealed evidence taken from the most recent burglary, along with other evidence related to the previous crimes.

The detectives are continuing with this investigation to determine if there are any other crimes involving Vigil.

Several of the cases have been referred to the Denver District Attorney and formal charges are expected to be filed early next week.

Suspect Carlos Vigil is currently being held in the Denver City Jail under a $75,000.00 bond.”