Tom Martino says on air that he has been driving with a suspended license

KHOW radio personality Tom Martino had an informative New Year's Eve: He learned that he has been driving with a suspended license for almost a year. How do we know? He said so on the air this morning.

But, he tells us, he will gett the matter resolved promptly and, in the meantime, he's getting rides from his wife.

Here's the recording from today, with Martino's remarks on his encounter with the police starting after the two-minute mark.

"I got stopped New Year's Eve," he says on the show this morning. "I wasn't even near drunk. And he didn't stop me for that. He stopped for me speeding because I accelerated out into traffic and was going eighty and then slowed down.... He realized I was accelerating just to get into traffic, so he didn't give me a ticket."

He continues, "But what really surprised me was my license had been suspended. I didn't even know it!... For a non-payment of a ticket one time.... I knew about the ticket, but I thought I had paid it. He was really nice about it. He says, get home and then call this number and find out what it is. It's not even a serious ticket."

"How did you drive today?" Martino's colleague asks.

"Who said I drove today?" Martino replies. "Do you have to cause trouble? They're gonna be outside now! The Denver Post and Westword, they're gonna have an article about me driving with a suspended license... Why do you have to bring that up? Why'd you have to go there?" (And lately, he hasn't exactly been a big fan of Westword).

Martino then continues, "I have to go pay my ticket, though," and adds that the officer told him "it's been almost a year and if it hits the year mark, guess what you have to do? Take a..driver's test again."

"So almost a year you've been without a license," his colleague says.

"Let's take some calls," Martino jumps in, moving on.

In a follow-up chat after his show, in which we informed him that we were going to make his predictions of a Westword article on the subject come true, Martino tells us that his license wasn't exactly suspended, but just "canceled" because officials had on file that he had an unpaid ticket. And since the show aired, he says his wife has told him that they did in fact pay the ticket that they got back in June in Englewood.

"I want to make sure I don't pay it twice," he tells us. "I didn't know anything about it.... I was shocked when I found out my license has been canceled."

He says it's an error that his record shows he hasn't paid the ticket.

And, even though there was some mystery on air today, he says that he has not been behind the wheel.

"I didn't drive today," he says. "My wife's been driving me."

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