Gays and porn big issues in Colorado Springs elections, according to Focus on the Family

Are gays and porn really two of the biggest issues in the upcoming Colorado Springs municipal elections?

According to Focus on the Family, they are. As noted by the Colorado Springs Gazette, FOTF has assembled a candidate survey in advance of the April 5 vote -- and three of its eight questions have to do with those subjects.

Question two reads: "Do you support or oppose extending the current benefits plan (including health insurance coverage) to include the same-sex domestic partners of city employees, as has been previously debated by the City Council?"

Then there's this, in the question-six slot: "Do you support or oppose increased zoning restrictions for x-rated businesses?"

And finally, question eight: "Do you support or oppose having the mayor issue a proclamation in support of the annual gay pride parade?"

For the most part, the candidates have responded as Focus folks might wish. Regarding the same-sex-employees benefit plan, only one of nine mayoral hopefuls and two of 22 city council candidates offered support. Regarding increasing zoning restrictions on x-rated businesses, just one mayoral candidate and two city council competitors oppose them -- although several of the latter were undecided. As for a pro-gay-parade proclamation, just four candidates total would be in favor of one. The most vocal opponent? Douglas Bruce, who wrote the following:

Sodomy should not be "celebrated" by public officials speaking on behalf of the city. The mayor should publicly reflect the social views of most citizens. The city must avoid pushing controversial issues that endorse or force on us distasteful, unhealthy, and aberrant behavior know as the "gay agenda". Blocking government efforts to promote special rights based on sexual orientation was the goal of Amendment 2 in 1992. The traditional family is the foundation of society. Citizens should tolerate diversity, but oppose governmental paternalism to promote perversity.

Could a Focus on the Family endorsement be in the offing for Big Doug?

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