John Denver is good for the heart

Don't forget to take your medicine.

When the eleventh anniversary of John Denver’s death passed by on October 12, I noted it privately, but let it be at that. After all, how many times can you dredge up cheesy feelings for an artist whose songs alternately inspired and gagged so many people?

Well, it turns out you can do it lots of times!

According to researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, Stressful, disturbing music, like heavy metal, can be bad for the heart while joyful, uplifting music, like Denver’s, arouses emotions that have "a healthy effect on blood vessel function." In fact, listening to your favorite music can be as good for your heart as laughing or taking blood medications, the study said.

Check out one of the stories here.

And since Colorado lawmakers made Denver’s "Rocky Mountain High" one of two official state songs last year, that means they've also done wonders for our health.

As Denver himself would say, "Far Out!" – Jonathan Shikes