Balloon Boy gives only modest lift to hometown newspaper

In contrast to Channel 9, whose website was a veritable mob scene during the Balloon Boy festivities yesterday (the 4.6 million page views it registered were roughly six times more than usual), the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the largest media organization in Falcon Heene's hometown, didn't ring up an unprecedented number of web hits.

"It was obviously a busy day here for us as we chased this story," confirms Coloradoan senior content editor Sara Hansen, corresponding via e-mail. "We had about 210,000 page views yesterday, which is higher than normal. We had more than 75,000 hits on our various Heene stories, which is significantly higher than our usual top story." However, she goes on, "We've had other stories that garnered more views in the past, including our coverage of Tim Masters' release from prison and the controversy over the CSU student paper's f-Bush editorial."

Apparently, "Falcon" isn't the most popular f-word in Fort Collins quite yet. But give him time.