Schmuck of the Week

Nazi suburbanites f*ck off: See teen schmucks busted for racist graffiti

We actually love certain kinds of graffiti around here. Witness our November posts featuring a graffiti-scene vet's picks for the best Denver street art.

But unimaginatively scrawled Swastikas and assorted Nazi-centric hate messages belong in the Schmuck of the Week category -- and if Douglas County law enforcers are right, so do Jordan Rockwell and Andrew Whattam.

On May 19, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, deputies received reports of graffiti at Foothills Park in Highlands Ranch. And we're not talking about a spot or two of the stuff. As you can see by the assorted images collected here, the spray-paint wielders put their mark on sidewalks, buildings and even playground equipment.

And a lot of the messages harked back to the not-quite halcyon days of the Third Reich.

Cleaning up this visual spew cost approximately $5,000. But the hateful messages, rather than the expense, explains why the DCSO put such a premium on catching the scofflaws.

Within days, sheriff's office reps announced the arrest of Rockwell and Whattam, a pair of eighteen-year-olds.

Judging by images on his Facebook page, including this one....

...Rockwell has a variety of interests. But the closest thing to evidence that he's got a soft spot for Nazism is his fondness for American History X, an Edward Norton movie about neo-Nazi brothers that ends with a repudiation of the lifestyle. But his favorite TV shows, including Tosh.0 and South Park, suggest that if he was indeed responsible for the redecoration of the park, he may simply been trying to get a rise out of people as opposed to actually believing that Adolf Hitler had some nifty ideas.

Should that be the case, he certainly succeeded, albeit in a singularly schmucky way. Here are the booking photos of Rockwell and Whattam.

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