Cougar (from Frontier Airlines) asks, "Who wouldn't like five more inches?"

Right now, Republic Airways Holdings is deciding whether to rename recent acquisition Frontier Airlines -- a decision that could be announced as soon as early April. If that move is made, it almost certainly means the end of Frontier's animal mascots, who've enlivened the company's commercials for years. But if the latest campaign is to be its last, at least it'll go out with a bang -- literally.

A new spot, seen above, focuses on "stretch seating," referring to five additional inches of legroom. At which point a cougar -- yes, a cougar -- asks, "Who wouldn't like five more inches? Right, guys?" Sexy!

Granted, this particular cougar, named Charlie, is male, implying that he'd like to have five more inches as opposed to receiving five more inches, which presumably would hit the spot for females. But let's not make assumptions, okay?

Did the ad's writers, suspecting that Frontier is about to fly away for good, sneak a big-dick joke past company overseers? Are they laughing even harder because a cougar's the one who delivers it? Or was it a complete accident they never intended? (Yeah, sure.) Whatever the case, if this is to be one of the last Frontier commercials, it's certainly a pleasurable one -- thanks to those extra five inches. Ooooooh....