Text invite turns into April Fools' Day date from hell

Don't know what a guy expected yesterday when he responded to a text message from a woman he'd just met inviting him to come over. Maybe a friendly conversation -- or a glass of white wine -- or a booty call straight out of a hip-hop video.

Instead, what he got was robbed -- of cash, his identity and any illusion that he'd be having a good time on April Fools' Day.

Lt. David Whitlock, spokesman for the Colorado Springs Police Department, has the details.

"A woman he'd met earlier in the evening lured him to her apartment with a text message to meet with her," Whitlock says. "Once he got there, he was confronted and robbed. Two male suspects took him to an ATM and made him take out money. Then they took personal information from him and some personal items" -- including his GPS system and what's described in the narrative below as a "bamboo practice sword."

The suspects warned him not to tell the cops what had happened, but he wisely ignored that advice. He pointed the CSP to the apartment, where two people were arrested: Amy Nugent, 25, and Mark Bascom, thirty. "We're not releasing mug shots yet, because we still have some work to do with photo identification -- and we're hopeful of getting more arrests," Whitlock says.

At least one more, anyhow.

Whitlock adds that while similar incidents have taken place in the Springs over the years, "this one is a little unique -- something we haven't seen in quite some time."

And hopefully won't see again anytime soon. Let's keep sexy texting legal, people.

Here's more from the CSP blotter:

Incident Date: April 2, 2010

Time: 12:09:00 AM

Location: 1701 S. Academy Blvd

Summary: On 04-02-10 at 0009 hours, Officers were dispatched to the area of S. Chelton Road and S. Academy Blvd., to investigate a personal robbery. Officers located the victim and learned that he had been lured to an apartment within the Summit Creek Apartment Complex by text messages. The victim believed that he was meeting a young woman he had met earlier.

The victim said that when he arrived at the apartment, two men confronted him regarding his meeting of the young woman and demanded that he provide money. The suspects then took the victim to an ATM where he was forced to make a withdraw. The victim was then taken back to the apartment where the suspects copied his personal information from his identification card and warned him not to report the incident. Suspects stole the victim's Auto GPS system, money, a bamboo practice sword and his Visa card. Officers were led to the apartment where two of the suspects were contacted, identified, and arrested.

A Search Warrant was executed. Investigation continues with additional arrests possible.

Adults Arrested: Amy Nugent DOB:3/14/85 and Mark Brascom DOB:12/14/79