Nate Easley recall: Will the more than 6,000 signatures collected be enough to trigger a vote?

Supporters of the effort to recall Denver Public Schools president Nate Easley say they turned in more than 6,000 signatures yesterday to the Denver Elections Division. In order to place the recall question on an upcoming ballot, they need 5,363 valid signatures from voters.

The Elections Division now has ten days to determine whether they meet the threshold. But is doing so easier said than done?

Maybe. Take the case of Denver mayoral hopeful Paul Noel Fiorino. To become an official candidate, he needed to collect 300 signatures. The first batch he submitted contained 330 -- only 190 of which were approved. So Fiorino collected and submitted over 200 more. Of those, only ninety were okay, leaving him twenty shy of making the ballot.

Five other would-be candidates failed to meet the 300-signature threshold, as well, including Marcus Giavanni, who pledged at the time to contest the decision.

But recall supporters are hopeful. Easley himself is not, as he made clear in a statement:

At a time when our school district is facing incredible financial hardships, I feel that it is the exact wrong time to be forcing us to divert over $100,000 from our classrooms to pay for this politically motivated recall election.

At this time, it seems very unlikely that proponents of this politically motivated recall election have been able to gather enough support to force an election.

However, if they are successful in forcing the district to expend precious resources on this, then I welcome the opportunity to debate our choices -- do we step backward, and accept the failed status quo, or do we move forward, and embrace the challenge of doing whatever is necessary to ensure that every child in Denver has the opportunity to attend a *great* school.

I am confident that voters in my district will join me in moving forward with positive changes to improve DPS.

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