Video: Kolbi Zerbest stars in hard-hitting Today investigation of CU-Boulder Obama yogurt spill

Here's a nutty post-script regarding President Barack Obama's speech at CU-Boulder -- a Today show chat with CU frosh Kolbi Zerbest, whose yogurt spilled on Obama during his visit to The Sink. How important was this story, on view below? Important enough for anchors Matt Lauer and Ann Curry to spend more than three-and-a-half minutes of airtime on it -- an eternity by TV standards.

What info will you, the viewer, learn from this scathing exposé? For one thing, Zerbest didn't actually spill the yogurt on Obama and a Secret Service agent. Instead, she set it on the ground and a photographer kicked it. But more important, you'll see the sort of unintended satire of 21st century TV news so ready-made that it doesn't need writers from The Daily Show to make it seem funny.

And yes, Curry and Lauer dub the story "Yogurtgate."

Check out the hilarious results below.

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