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Reader: It's not pot paranoia if the feds are really out to get you

During the public hearing portion of yesterday's Amendment 64 task force meeting, one member of the audience asked if the group would address the issue of DUI charges related to pot, a topic that Fox31 recently took on. And then a marijuana activist took on Fox31, accusing the station of having rigged the report.

Newsmom appreciates how sticky the issue can get:

the first time i drove stoned i was so worried about speeding that i took extra care not to drive too fast. i came to full stops, looked both ways several times, and took roughly three times longer to get home than i ordinarily did in a non-stoned state. weed-based hysteria is just another way to keep us all off balance and afraid. a frightened populace is more susceptible to government propaganda. now i hate myself for even seeming to advocate paranoia...on the other hand, it's not really paranoia if the feds are out to get you...
Is there a fair way for the state to come up with a driving-under-the-influence standard for marijuana? And will it matter, if the feds are really out to get you? Post your thoughts below. From our archives: "Videos: Fox31 denies marijuana activist's claim that THC driving story was rigged."