Medical marijuana: Does John Suthers really think CU dorms partner with dispenaries?

Do medical marijuana dispensaries have double-secret, underground agreements with the dorms at the University of Colorado in Boulder? Is there a secret plot to get all the innocent, cherub-faced freshmen at the nation's sixth-best reefer hot spot school hooked on the ganja?

Thanks to one paranoid mother who called to complain, Attorney General John Suthers sure thinks so. And he's not happy about it.

That's according to the Boulder Daily Camera, which notes that CU denies it cuts deals with local dispensaries. But spokesman Bronson Hilliard admits that if MMJ businesses want to offer discounts to CU students, the school can't stop them.

It can and does, however, stop students from smoking weed -- medicinal or not -- in the dorms. Which, of course, makes it even less likely -- nay, ridiculously ridiculous -- that CU would partner with dispensaries to get students hooked up with medical pot.

Further proof that CU is tough on on-campus weed lies in the story of Jeremy Hartman, the CU RA who lost his job and was kicked out of his dorm last year after two fellow RAs complained that they smelled pot smoke coming from his room. Hartman denied that he was toking up, but he was sanctioned nonetheless and ordered to write a five-page reflection paper on "the relationship between marijuana and academics."

Perhaps Suthers should be given the same assignment.