Monday Morning Hang Over

I'm no meteorologist, but I do know this: it was really, really cold out this weekend. We would have more for you this morning, my fellow Denverites, but several of us, after having bundled up to head out to enjoy the amazing culture of this town, decided that the roads were just too slick to venture farther than the end of the block. Charly "The City Mouse" Fasano released his anticipated CD zine at the hi-dive this weekend. I will kick myself for missing that one. But check out this collaboration Charly did with the band Lucero a while back.

Sid Pink turned 29 again this weekend. If he weren't such an asshole, we'd wish him a happy 41st birthday.

If you haven't ever seen it, and chances are good that you haven't, be sure to check Teague Bohlen's bittersweet ode to the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Drew Bixby, a grizzled Midwesterner who was not going to miss Iron & Wine at the Paramount on Saturday because of a little frozen precipitation, brought us this review of a show that the weather almost canceled. Apparently the opening act got stuck in the snow somewhere on the Interstate, but that just meant that concert goers got to see Nick Urata and Tom Hagerman of Devotchka.

Tom Tancredo bowed out of a debate between Republican candidates for president hosted by Univision because he objected to the idea of the debate being translated into Spanish. Como se dice xenophobic douchebag?

And if you missed it on Friday, be sure to check out this review and this slide show from the Frock Out: Independent Designers Challenge runway show, which took place at the Central Library last Thursday. -- Sean Cronin