Michael Bennet's appearance on Peter Boyles's radio show a last-minute campaign disaster

Down the campaign stretch, Republican Senate hopeful Ken Buck's been up to his neck in controversy, while incumbent Dem Michael Bennet has mostly avoided big mistakes -- until yesterday.

That's when Bennet appeared on Peter Boyles's KHOW talk show under the illusion that the Tom Tancredo-loving host would let him make a benign pitch for votes. Oh so wrong.

During some of the most awkward three minutes of radio you'll ever hear, Boyles peppered Bennet with questions about why he's repeatedly dodged invitations to appear on the show over his time in office before veering off into some of his favorite topics, including the failed U.S. Attorney nomination of Stephanie Villafuerte, Governor Bill Ritter's decision not to run for reelection, and embattled former ICE agent Cory Voorhis.

Bennet reacts to this barrage by hemming, hawing and then making an abrupt exit of the sort that will likely put a smile on the faces of Buck supporters. Check out the entire session below:

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