Anthony Silva, Army sergeant, texted parents he was "in some sh*t" before his murder (12)

Update:Early on July 23, Sergeant Anthony Silva texted his parents from a Motel 6 in Denver a short time before he was due to head home to Illinois. The message read: "In some shit but ok. Call me 2morrow."

Before that call could come, Silva was dead -- allegedly murdered by Ricky Scott, 22. But police emphasize that the investigation is still open.

News about the text comes from CBS4, which spoke with Silva's mother, Diana, about the slaying of her son.

"It's bittersweet," she says. "You know, I'm glad we got the guy, but it doesn't bring Tony back."

Silva's death followed a series of bad breaks. He loved the Army and wanted to re-enlist, but a back injury put an end to this plan. So he began his journey home -- but on the night before his death, United Airlines canceled his flight. According to his parents, the airline recommended that Silva stay at a Motel 6 on Paris Street, where he was planning to meet his dad. He was last seen taking his beloved dog for a walk.

Thus far, the Denver Police Department hasn't released a photo of Scott, who reportedly has a record marked by arrests for drug possession and extortion, among other things. He was arrested at his west-side home, where at least one of his neighbors overheard a conversation that sounded "gangsta" to her. That the investigation is continuing suggests the possibility of more arrests in this tragic case.

Look below to see a CBS4 video, followed by our previous coverage -- including a photo of Silva with his dog.

Original item, 7:37 a.m. August 29: In late July, Army Sergeant Anthony Silva was staying at a Motel 6 on Paris Street shortly before a planned return to his Illinois hometown. But shortly after taking his dog for a walk, Silva was found dead.

Now, 22-year-old Ricky Scott has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Silva was reportedly planning to meet his dad at the hotel. He'd wanted to stay in the Army, but a back injury reportedly put the kibosh on his plans to re-enlist. And there's no doubt he loved his pets, as witnessed by this photo the Denver Police Department released following his slaying:

At this point, the DPD hasn't released a mug shot of Scott or much information about his capture, other than that it took place Thursday evening near a motel on West 37th Avenue. But this development is undoubtedly a relief to the Silva family, and to everyone who's been following this awful incident.

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