Nancy Jo Arias After Killing Husband: "I'm One of Those Persons Who Get the Last Word" (9)

Judging by her account in an arrest affidavit, Nancy Jo Arias had every reason to be angry at her husband, Phil Lobato. After all, he allegedly reacted to accusations that he'd cheated on his longtime spouse by hitting her in the face. But she's the one facing a first-degree murder charge after running over him with her car. She's quoted as telling an officer, "I'm one of those persons who gets the last word." Photos and details below.

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9News reports that Arias and Lobato, both 38, had criminal records: She'd racked up two previous assault charges, while he'd spent time in prison thanks to a lengthy rap sheet marked by kidnapping and aggravated assault beefs.

Nonetheless, Lobato, who'd reportedly been with Arias since they were both fourteen, was clearly beloved by family members and friends, with multiple relatives posting tributes and old pics on Facebook. Featured images include this one....

...and this one.... well as this memorial photo-graphic: How did Lobato lose his life? At about 12:30 a.m. on Monday, August 11, according to a police report obtained by 7News, Arias and Lobato were inside a car in the parking lost of Hill Top Liquor, 2735 West 72nd Avenue, when an argument erupted.

The topic: claims of his infidelity.

Arias told investigators that Lobato reacted by hitting Arias three times in the face, then stepping out of the car and striking several more blows through the driver's side window.

At that point, the affidavit continues, Arias said she threatened to run over Lobato, but he apparently wasn't convinced, tauntingly telling her she wouldn't do it.

So she did -- and Lobato was pronounced dead at an area hospital a short time later. In the meantime, Arias spoke with police, and an affidavit quote with a verb custom-fitted for prosecutors states: "I contemplated and then I hit him." She allegedly added: "I'm one of those persons who get the last word."

Maybe not. 17th Judicial District Attorney Dave Young has filed first-degree murder and vehicular homicide charges against Arias, who's due to make a court appearance this morning.

Later tonight, at 8:30 p.m., Lobato's friends and loved ones will gather in the parking lot where he died for a candlelight vigil.

Here's Arias's booking photo.

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