Peacocks are nothing. Here's five other ways your kid can suffer an injury at the Denver Zoo

There's nothing worse than the phone call a dad or mom gets from school or camp letting them know that their kid has been hurt on a field trip or during an activity. It can turn your stomach to mush and make the hairs on your back stand up straight.

Sort of like the feathers on the peacock that attacked a three-year-old boy at the Denver Zoo on Thursday, sending him to the hospital for ten stitches on his nose. (Maybe it was jealous of the bronze peacock statue, ironically titled "Eternal Good Fortune," which was installed at the zoo in April.)

The zoo is now investigating whether to continue allowing its peacocks to roam the grounds unfettered and free or to lock them up like the rest of the beasts.

But in the meantime, here are five other says your toddler can be injured at the zoo:

1) Eating ice cream too fast. It can happen to anyone, even adults. But children are especially prone to sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, otherwise known as brain freeze or an ice cream headache, in which the blood in the back of your neck cools off quickly, causing the pain.

2) There's a warning, sure, and ropes around the two metal oxen statues pulling a covered wagon on really hot days. But your three-year-old can't read, and she's quicker than you anyway. One finger on that bull, and you'll be applying burn cream for a week.

3) The Pioneer Train looks like fun, but it seems to pass by nothing but overgrown bushes and shrubs, blocking your view and snapping into your face and eyes.

4) Stampede! Baby animals are cute. Too cute! Make sure your children are wearing helmets and elbow pads if they intend to compete with other kids for a glimpse of the latest little red panda, foosa or bighorn lambs.

5) Have you ever seen a male rhino pee? That image will stay with you for a while.