RechargeColorado.com needs some recharging

In the Internet age, one of the surest signs that an idea's popular is if the website affiliated with it crashes. Which is basically what happened shortly after the launch of RechargeColorado.com.

The program, funded by the feds, offers up to $500 in rebates to folks buying appliances designed to conserve energy -- a "Cash for Clunkers" concept focusing on Frigidaires instead of Fiats. Problem is, the Recharge Colorado page was soon overwhelmed. At this writing, a message reads, "Detour! Due to the heavy volume of traffic, some sections of the Governor's Energy Office website have been temporarily taken offline" -- and that's been the case for a while. A note on the GEO's Facebook page warning about the detour has been up for two hours.

If only upgrades were offered on state government websites...