Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

John Ashton, Take Two

Actor John Ashton addressed the Colorado Legislature Tuesday, urging lawmakers to support a new economic incentive for moviemakers. No, not that John Ashton. The guy testifying was the John Ashton of Beverly Hills Cop, who now lives in Fort Collins. Colorado’s original John Ashton -- John C. Ashton, to be precise, as he registered with the Screen Actors Guild when he got a part in Asteroids when it filmed here more than a decade ago -- worked as a newspaper reporter (at Westword, among other places), ran the Avenue Theatre and then got a communications gig with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, of all things. “I spent the whole winter in Pasadena,” this Ashton reports. He hasn’t given up the theater, though, and is set to direct a play at the Aurora Fox when his California FEMA assignment ends.

As for the other John Ashton's efforts: The bill died in committee. -- Patricia Calhoun