Bill O'Reilly on Ward Churchill: The ego has landed

As pointed out in this morning's Wake-Up Call, Fox News bloviator Bill O'Reilly and his guests spent part of last night's O'Reilly Factor arguing that, based on the evidence presented thus far, Ward Churchill is destined to lose his wrongful-termination lawsuit against the University of Colorado-Boulder. But that's nothing new. The clip above dates from earlier in the proceedings, and even at that point, he'd already made up his mind. Still, he clearly enjoyed the reflected attention he received from Churchill attorney David Lane: The package begins with a montage of moments when O'Reilly's name was mentioned. Later, during his conversation with analyst/fembot Megyn Kelly, he declared, "That's what the trial is about. It's not about this guy and what I said about him. Who cares?" But enough with the mock humility, Bill. It's your world: Churchill's just living in it.

For O'Reilly's take, click the screen above.