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Reader: Medical marijuana won't go away under new rules, but state could lose big part of market

Friday's post about a public hearing prompted by the Department of Revenue's proposed new regulations for the medical marijuana industry sparked passionate comments aplenty. One reader argued that even if medical marijuana centers closed as a result of new regs, MMJ wouldn't go away -- but some of Colorado's tax revenues might.

Andrew writes:

Every dispensary, commercial grower, and infused product maker needs to band together and fight this. They will be the ones hurt the most if these regulations go through. Patients are protected under the state constitution, they can get their medical marijuana where ever they want, including the black market, or they can grow their own for about 90% less than what they would pay at a dispensary. If the State of Colorado wants to eliminate the storefront retail market (or reduce it by 80% as Senator Chris Romer has said clearly), the marijuana market won't disappear, marijuana is not going away, that market will just shift to private grows and back to the black market. Marijuana is ubiquitous, the only question is does the State of Colorado want a piece of that vast market in the form of business licenses and sales taxes or does it not? Either way the same amount of marijuana will be produced and consumed.

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