Jane Norton and her "liberal buddies" attacked for big spending

As noted here a few weeks ago, Colorado's U.S. Senate race is shaping up to be an epic mudwallow, with GOP hopeful Jane Norton painting incumbent Michael Bennet as the spend-crazy flunky of a soft-on-terror President and the Democrats firing back with videos that present Norton as a loony teabagger.

Now there's a new wrinkle. At the same time Norton is running ads blasting the big spenders in Washington ("time to cut up the credit cards!"), she's being attacked as a big-time spender by an ultraconservative group that finds her Tea Party credentials highly suspect.

The video above comes courtesy of the Declaration Alliance, which has targeted Norton (along with Florida governor Charlie Crist and California's Arnold Schwarzenegger) as a "tax hiker" and yes, "big spender." Norton and the Gubernator don't share much ground politically, of course, besides the ire of this particular anti-tax group, which apparently added Norton to its list of GOP turncoats because of her support for Referendum C ("the largest tax increase in Colorado's history") and her sordid history as (gasp) a state bureaucrat with a big budget at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The Declaration Alliance is now airing attack ads against Norton with surprising prodigality, linking her to "her liberal tax-and-spend buddies in Washington" -- the same buddies she's scolding in her ads.

Kind of makes you wonder: Is Norton a fake conservative, as this liberty-loving bunch makes her sound, or is the Declaration Alliance a "Manchurian candidate" version of the attack dog, secretly working for the Obama administration?