Schmuck of the Week

Puppy stomper deserves the same treatment

Christopher Blackstone was so infuriated that his girlfriend wouldn't answer her cell phone when he called after an argument that he stomped her puppy to death, police say.

Hmm, doesn't really sound like dating material.

According to news reports, Blackstone, 25, or Colorado Springs, and Talitha Peterson-Hooks got into an argument on December 23 at her apartment. She stormed out and didn't return. But when she wouldn't respond to his calls, Blackstone stomped on the puppy's head and slammed it against something hard, killing it, police say.

Then he allegedly sent her the text message: "If you would have answered your phone, your dog would still be alive."

Peterson-Hooks later found her dog dead outside in a bag by a dumpster and called police. Blackstone has been charged with felony cruelty to animals.

Hopefully, Blackstone's next girlfriend - if he ever finds one -- doesn't have any pets.