Plane crash in Gilpin County so bad authorities still don't know the type of aircraft involved

Photos of a plane crash near Rollins Pass underscore the challenge facing Gilpin County Sheriff's Office personnel today. The single-engine craft went down in a heavily wooded area, and the vehicle itself is so mangled that, at this point, authorities have no idea about its make or model, let alone the identity of the victim or victims.

Look below to see the larger photos of the scene, as well as the latest GCSO release:

Plane Crash on Rollins Pass in Gilpin County

The investigation into the plane crash on Rollins Pass in unincorporated Gilpin County will resume this morning. The National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration, Gilpin County Sheriff's Office and the Gilpin County Coroner will be on scene to try and determine the cause of the crash and the identification of the occupant(s) on board. Though the number of occupants on the plane has not been determined, it is believed that there were no survivors. The investigation will also focus on determining the origin and destination of the plane.