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Reader: A$$holes who brought rifles to Chipotle make responsible gun owners look bad

Melanie Asmar's post about Chipotle's request that gun owners leave their weapons at home after open-carry advocates in Texas brought assault rifles to one of the chain's restaurants brought a lot of criticism for the latter group, and not only from those who argue in favor of gun control. Take the following post, from a proud gun owner.

Eric S Gonzales writes:

It's assholes like this who make the rest of us gun owners and carriers look bad. They don't do it for no other reason but to get attention. This right here isn't about the Second Amendment. This is a few people going to the extreme to get attention, that's it. Not all gun owners act like these ass hats. I carry a gun for one reason -- to give me and my family a fighting chance should a situation arise. I keep it to myself and concealed. I don't have it out trying to get the whole world to see it. I pray I never have to ever use my gun to harm another human being, but if they plan on harming me or my family I want to be able to protect them.

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