David Sirota: AM 760 host and columnist named one of 30 media heroes by The Nation

It's been a big month for AM 760 host David Sirota.

First, his first child, Isaac, was born. Now, he's been named one of thirty "media heroes" by The Nation, placing 21st on a roster topped by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. And, as a bonus, he's also completed his latest book, Back to Our Future.

According to Sirota, corresponding via e-mail, the book "argues that 1980s pop culture kitsch (movies, TV, video games, toys, music, commercials, sports) shapes the way we look at the most serious and pressing issues today. That's right -- I bet you never thought your Atari or the Ghostbusters had any impact on how you think about the Afghanistan War or Blackwater, but they do!"

Back to Our Future is due in March, and Sirota hopes to promote it via interviews with assorted '80s icons. But he'll be back on the air well before then, with his AM 760 return from paternity leave scheduled for December 6.

Regarding his media hero status, he writes, "I'm honored to be among such impressive company" -- between the New York Times's Frank Rich and nationally syndicated yakker Thom Hartmann, to be specific. Maddow had better watch her back.

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