Uh, Sorry

Offense Report No: 07-84105 Date: 2-07-07 Type of Offense: Trespass Location of Offense: Parkway Center Apartments, Golden Triangle Type of Premises: Apartment building Suspect: A 30-year-old male wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans.

Officer R. Koenigsfeld reports:

"Investigation disclosed on the listed date [at 10:50 pm], the victim heard the locking mechanism in his door being tampered with. The victim [a 19-year-old male] related that it sounded like a key. The victim then heard his deadbolt click and observed an unknown male step into the apartment. The male said 'sorry' then stepped out of the apartment and left the floor. The suspect did not have permission to enter the residence." —Jared Jacang Maher