Glenn Beck returning to CO days before Denver tie-in to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity

To connect the dots: Glenn Beck's Restore Honor rally in August inspired Comedy Central's Jon Stewart to conceive a Rally to Restore Sanity, which prompted plans for a Denver version in Civic Center Park on October 30.

It's appropriate, then, that four days earlier, on October 26, Beck himself will be back in the state -- although this time around, he'll be talking to the pro-gun crowd.

Beck is the keynote speaker for the "Constitution Challenge," sponsored by the National Association for Gun Rights. Look below to see the pitch to attend from Dudley Brown, NAGR's executive director:

Glenn Beck and Constitution Challenge Come World Arena

Tuesday, October 26 -- Beck to keynote Constitutional Rally in Colorado Springs

I have an important, time-sensitive event to invite you to. But it's important you act quickly.

On Tuesday evening, October 26th, at the Colorado Springs World Arena, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is proud to sponsor...

Glenn Beck!

Barely two weeks from today, Glenn Beck and I will be speaking to a group of thousands of conservatively-minded citizens.

Seating is limited so you'll have to act quickly.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the Constitution and hear Glenn Beck speak right here in our very own back yard.

Seating start at $19.95, click here to get your tickets.

But I'd hurry, as I know they are already filling up fast.

The proceeds from the go to benefit the Constitution Challenge, which (like the old-fashioned Spelling Bee) promote student education in the Constitution (and not the modern, politically correct version so common in our schools today).

For freedom,

Dudley Brown Executive Director National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. I hope you'll take the opportunity to join Glenn Beck and me in Colorado Springs on October 26th. There are only a limited number available.