Duct Tape Bandit, August 14

Here's a brief rundown of some of the top search items on today:

Tropical Storm Dean Reuters reports that energy markets are going crazy over what could develop into the first Atlantic hurricane of the season, as oil prices surged today because Tropical Storm Dean has developed in the Atlantic. It's 1,000 miles away right now, but that's no reason not to spike prices at the pump.

Mattel Recall The Wall Street Journal is reporting Mattel may be close to a second major toy recall in as many weeks after discovering that a Chinese manufacturer was using lead-based paint for objects guaranteed to end up in the mouths of toddlers everywhere. The president of the Chinese firm committed suicide this weekend after the Chinese government banned exports from his factory last week. Click here for a list of the 80+ toys Mattel has listed in its recall so far. First toothpaste with anti-freeze, now kids' toys with lead-based paint; I can't wait for Confessions of an Economic Hitman: Chinese Edition to come out in paperback.

Crush Adams Entertainment Tonight reports that WWE wrestler Brian “Crush” Adams was found dead yesterday. In local news, personal injury lawyers Brian “The Bulldog” Moore and Frank “The Strong Arm” Azar are both still alive.

Itch Mites USA Today reports that Chicago health officials are investigating one hundred cases of red bite marks, in what they are guessing now is an infestation of “itch mites.” Last week, Cook County health inspectors ruled out pandemics of both the Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.

Duct Tape Bandit Click here to see an interview with a man Ashland, West Virginia, police are calling the "Duct Tape Bandit." Best quote: “Do I look like no duct tape bandit?”

-- Sean Cronin