Devil on the Dance Floor

Denver Police Department Offense Report No: 07-5003857 Date: 3-02-07 Type of Offense: Theft Location of Offense: Armida's, 840 Lincoln Street Loss: $300

25-year-old victim reports: "I was at Armida's for Karaoke night. My purse was on the table with my wallet and cash inside it. Some guy tried flirting with me and I told him I wasn't interested. I went to the bathroom, got called up to sing, my purse was out of my sight for maybe three minutes max. I left Armida's. When I got home I went straight to bed and didn't even realize my wallet was gone, out of my purse, until this morning."

Offense Report No: 07-5003858 Date: 3-01-07 Type of Offense: Theft Location of Offense: Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, 2637 Welton Street Loss: $20

24-year-old victim reports: "I was at the Cervantes concert hall with some friends for a [Too Short] concert. I set my purse down right by me, underneath my coat, on a chair for a few minutes. And when I picked it up to leave, I realized my phone and change purse with my driver's license, debit car and cash were all missing.

Offense Report No: 07-5003619 Date: 2-24-07 Type of Offense: Theft Location of Offense: 2AM Afterhours, 1144 Broadway Loss: $0

24-year-old victim reports: "While dancing at an after-hours club, a girl (dark brown hair, about 5'5, Hispanic) began dancing with me. After a few minutes, she told me she would be right back. Very soon after, I realized she had taken my wallet. I immediately reported this to security and looked for her. But I was not able to find her. The wallet contained credit cars, driver's license, Social Security card, and a spare car key for an Acura."

--Jared Jacang Maher