Prostitution Cop Discredited As Witness

As the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s office continues to investigate the Glendale Police Department’s handling of a recent prostitution sting -- profiled in the November 8 City Limit "Prostitution Sting Has Fringe Benefits" -- it has sent letters to defense attorneys, advising them that their cases may benefit from information related to the sting, especially if Glendale officers Mike Gross and Roy Martin are witnesses.

The purpose of the letters is to let defendants and their lawyers know that the two officers – who were both involved in the prostitution sting -- are the subject of material on file in Arapahoe County that may be of benefit to their clients.

“The letter makes reference to discovery that’s available in connection with the prostitution sting,” said attorney Frank Moya, who defended one of the women arrested in the sting.

Although the information may be used by defense attorneys to call the officers’ credibility into question, Glendale Police Chief Victor Ross said it is not of grave concern. “That’s something the district attorney does of their own volition when they feel they need to,” he explained. “Its more of a sanction than it is a career-ending move.”

In May, Gross posed as an undercover john in the sting, known as the Father’s Day Special, while Martin was on the other end of an audio listening device. Gross traded massages with some of the women who were later arrested and also engaged in other activities that Moya has questioned in terms of whether or not they were appropriate.

In addition, Gross destroyed notes taken by Martin during the sting rather than including them in the case for prosecution, according to police records.

As for the nine women and one man who were arrested in the sting, three have received probation, two have warrants out for failure to appear, one has an arraignment set for January, one had the case dismissed, another received deferred prosecution, and two were re-filed in other courts. –- Luke Turf