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Victorian fetishists ball, Trentemøller mashes, Russell's Smoke House bows, Aurora salutes

This weekend's weather encouraged anyone and everyone to recreate with a vengeance -- and Westword's Show and Tell, Backbeat Online and Cafe Society blogs, plus our eye-popping slideshow page, captured it in words and pictures. Look below to check out highlights of the Victorian Fetish Ball, Trentemøller live, Russell's Smoke House opening and a tribute to the fallen. "The 12th annual Victorian Fetish Ball went down on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Diamond Cabaret and After Dark."

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"Right out of the gates, "The Mash and the Fury," off the most recent album Into The Great Wide Yonder rises out of the silence like Pink Floyd's "Time." It isn't until the guitar comes screeching in and the track turns it's attention towards the composer, Anders Trentemøller, that you notice how vastly different the song structure has become. What starts out as a rising tone laid gently underneath keyboards, has now turned into to a full on guitar track complete with a crashing cymbal to emphasize the breaks and drops."

Read more in "Trentemøller at the Ogden Theatre, 10/21/11."

"The smokehouse, which is Bonanno's fourth venture on Larimer Square, and the eighth restaurant in his ever-growing empire, bends toward 'Colorado old-school cooking -- almost chuck-wagon-style,' says Bonanno, who's smoking his meats in the basement, using two state-of-the-art Southern Pride smokers, fueled by hickory wood. 'It's the most expensive kitchen equipment we've ever bought, but these are perfect, and they made perfect sense for us, since we obviously can't have a pit,' explains Bonanno."

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"​In the cavernous central hall of the Aurora Municipal Center are portraits of the 85 men and women from Colorado who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the corner of each of their service portraits is a photo that their family submitted to the project called Remembering Our Fallen, curated by Bill Williams. In true Colorado fashion, most of those pictures were taken outdoors."

Read more in "Remembering Our Fallen at Aurora Municipal Center."

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