Hassan Mayo allegedly sold woman to another pimp for $400

Hassan Mayo is the latest alleged Denver-area pimp to be sentenced for human trafficking -- an offense that's earned him a sixteen-year stay at the Cross Bar Hotel

His most shocking offense? He reportedly sold a woman to another pimp for $400.

Details are contained in Mayo's original arrest affidavit, on view below in its entirety. According to the document, members of the Denver Police Department responded to an ad on, owned by Village Voice Media, Westword's parent company. ( supports the prosecution of individuals who misuse the site for illegal activity; see this post for more information.) Shortly thereafter, an undercover officer met an unnamed prostitute whose comments included, "Do you want me to service you or not?"

This encounter led to the subsequent arrest of Nathaniel Maxey for furthering the act of prostitution, among other charges. (Maxey was originally handed four years in prison, but after four months in stir, his sentence was reconsidered in light of his cooperation with authorities; he's now serving two years of intensive, supervised probation.) But it also pointed cops in the direction of Mayo and Alexandra Chisholm, who the woman had met at Kings Inn on Colfax several months earlier. She told officers the pair forced her into prostituting herself for them by threatening to hurt her family, including her mother and grandmother.

Before long, the woman was performing sex acts for her first client as Chisholm watched. The pay: $60, which she gave to Chisholm, who subsequently passed it to Mayo.

A week later, the woman says she was installed at rented rooms in a couple of local hotels and took part in ten to twenty "dates," bringing in $900 -- all of which Mayo collected.

Before long, though, she had a new employer: Maxey. And what kind of compensation did Mayo receive for passing her along? The woman told police that Mayo originally demanded $600, but settled for $400.

Life is cheap.

Mayo was scheduled for trial later this month, but his guilty plea to one count of human trafficking made such a court session unnecessary. He was immediately sentenced to sixteen years under the auspices of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Look below to see a larger version of Mayo's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned affidavit.

Hassan Mayo Arrest Warrant

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