More Messages: Subliminal Imagery

Here's how cool I am. Last night, I was at home with my family, watching 30 Rock, Tina Fey's amusing sitcom (Alec Baldwin rules), on Channel 9. Suddenly, in the middle of the broadcast, my son, Nick, noticed something flash in the middle of the screen. Shortly thereafter, the rest of us caught similar glimpses of what seemed to be an NBC logo. But since I'm too poor -- and not nearly cool enough -- to have TiVo, I couldn't verify this theory.

Fortunately, a reader came to the rescue with a Friday morning e-mail that begins as follows: "Okay, this sounds crazy. I have DirecTV and can rewind and pause TV. At 8:12 this evening, during Scrubs (yes, kind of lame), a 9News logo flashed on the screen during the show. I saw a blip really quickly and wondered if NBC was doing weird subliminal messages or something. But I rewound it and saw the local news logo."

In all likelihood, this was a technical glitch rather than an attempt to make all of Denver mindlessly tune in 9News at 10 p.m. (I've left a message for Channel 9 news director Patti Dennis, and will share her explanation after I hear from her.) Whatever the case, the e-mailer's conclusion rings true: "Very creepy. And I'm not talking about Adele Arakawa's hair..." -- Michael Roberts