Fray to Go

Props to the Fray, who performed last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, successfully finishing off the triumvirate of late-night talk shows. (We know, we know: The band has actually been on four post-prime-time gabfests, but honestly, can you really consider its appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in the same context?) While Slade manhandled Jay Leno at the end of the group's February spot on the Tonight Show ("Fray Time," March 9, 2006), this time he was much less animated. As the last refrains of "Over My Head (Cable Car)" faded, Letterman came over to the stage and greeted the outfit with a terse, "Where you from?" To which Slade replied, "Denver." "Great," said Letterman. Great indeed.

Unfortunately, the band members didn't get to catch their performance when it was broadcast. Right after the taping in New York City, they boarded a plane for Vancouver, where they'll kick off another string of sold-out dates that will culminate with a September 30 headliner at Red Rocks. (Their show at City Lights Pavilion last month sold out fast, and the Red Rocks date is nearing sell-out status, too.)

Crazy. The Fray now has a gold record -- one that's currently ranked #29 on the Billboard 200 after 26 weeks and steadily climbing towards platinum status -- and a single that's currently resting at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and been infinitely licensed. Still, it seems like just yesterday that the boys were struggling to fill the Climax Lounge and playing off-nights at joints like the Little Bear. -- Dave Herrera