Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

John Hickenlooper has another clothes call at SIA: Will he don PJs for Denver's Road Home?

We were a little disappointed not to see John Hickenlooper in his '80s-era red ski outfit when he welcomed the Snowsports Industries America show to town with cowbells yesterday. "What do you think of my new duds?" he asked, showing off his jacket. Frankly, it seemed a little sedate for a guy who started off his mayoral campaign with an ad that showed him trying on various odd outfits. And it made us wonder if Hickenlooper will show up in equally up-scaled pajamas when he comes to Skyline Park at 3:15 p.m. today, where the now-governor will meet up with new Mayor Bill Vidal to tout the February 10 PJ Day, a fundraiser for Denver's Road Home, the ten-year campaign to end homelessness in this town that's now halfway home. At previous PJ events, Hickenlooper has sported a red-flannel nightshirt that his mother made for him when he went off to college forty years ago -- but it's unlikely that he'll hand that over during the ceremonial passing of the PJs. And then there's the holiday sweater that Hickenlooper's sister, Betsy, knitted for him, which he sported on Good Morning America in December 2008, in a segment of the morning show introducing Denver's seasonal window display on Times Square.

And Hickenlooper's legendary fashion follies don't end there. Behold the famous leaf suit, made by Chris Loffelmacher of the Denver Public Library's Fresh City Life.

But now it looks like Hickenlooper may have turned over a new leaf -- at least sartorially speaking.

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