Glee spring premiere tribute window is superheroic: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Figure 58. Capitol Hill: This Jesus Christ and The Superheroes performance is a Hot Topic on Grant Street.

The apartment dwellers of Denver's Capitol Hill prove that you don't need a yard to make great yard art. The display pictured above shows how a little strip of windowsill can hold an idea that's bigger than Jesus and even more terrifyingly precious than Emma Pillsbury's jewelry box. The poses struck by the Savior, the soldier and the superhero suggest that this trio is actually a costumed swing choir captured in mid-performance. That the group is being displayed after the Easter holiday, and on the week leading up to April 13, intimates that the yard artist is a huge fan of the hit musical comedy-drama Fox television series Glee. The little costumes and tiny raised right hands of the action figures hint that they are singing the lines, "The moment I wake up/Before I put on my makeup/I say a little prayer for you..." from the 1967 Dionne Warwick classic.