Pirate steals booty of pills from Walgreens: Avast, ye hearties, and pass the Oxycontin!

We traditionally think of pirates jonesing for barrels of rum -- but not one plunderer in Colorado Springs.

This man, adorned in a black wig, a black beard and mustache, and an eye patch, apparently prefers prescription drugs. Which is why he sailed straight to Walgreens.

The incident reportedly took place on May 22. A pharmacist spotted the bewigged buccaneer standing in a restricted area filled with pills -- and shortly thereafter, he found himself on the business end of a gun.

Couldn't the guy have at least used a cutlass?

The suspect then presented a bag -- not a treasure chest -- to the pharmacist and ordered him to stuff it with doctor-recommended goodies. Once it was filled, he split (another disappointment) on foot.

This particular Johnny Depp wannabe is described as being about five-feet, nine-inches tall and 150 pounds. If you see him, call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000.

Wonder if he'll be sentenced to walk the plank? Check out larger photos of Blackbeard of Colorado Springs below:

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