Say goodbye (and good riddance) to Najibbullah Zazi

The pdf of the detention file released by the Justice Department in relation to the case against terror suspect Najibbullah Zazi was sent upside-down -- but the evidence against Zazi looks ugly from any direction. As such, expect him to be officially sent packing to New York following a perfunctory court hearing in Denver slated for 9 a.m.

Once he's gone, how much of the story will remain in Denver? Well, the only Zazi left in the area will be Mohammad, Najibbullah's father, who was released on bond earlier this week -- an indication that authorities see him as merely being a defender of his highly dubious son rather than an active participant in a bombing plot. And there are likely to be other arrests based on the following paragraph from the detention motion:

The evidence will further establish that individuals associated with Zazi purchased unusual quantities of hydrogen and acetone products in July, August and September 2009 from three different beauty supply stores in and around Aurora. One person purchased a one-gallon container of a product containing 20% hydrogen peroxide, as well as an eight ounce bottle of acetone. A second person purchased an acetone product in approximately the first week of September. A third person purchased 32-ounce bottles of Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer, a product containing high levels of hydrogen peroxide, on approximately three occasions during the summer of 2009.

We don't know at this point if the individuals in question are from the Denver area or part of the alleged cabal in New York who were just visiting. Even if they are Colorado residents, however, capturing a guy who bought "Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer" qualifies as a minor league development. The major-league stuff will be happening in NYC from here on out, and that's appropriate. Najibbullah Zazi has already gotten an eviction order from his landlord; a similar one from his state is on the way.