Kenny Be's Yard Arteology: Big yard art boner in Ruby Hill

The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration ...

Figure 37. Ruby Hill: Mixing themes gives yard art a new slant

The Ruby Hill neighborhood is unlike any other in Denver. Ruby Hillers seem to have a different perspective on life than most other Denverites. Perhaps it has something to do with the neighborhood's location. While most of Denver looks toward the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to get their bearings, the Ruby Hill neighborhood is built on land that tilts down to the western bank of the South Platte River. Most of the homes have great views of the eastern horizon. This is the neighborhood where Denver looks back on itself, and not surprisingly reveals a very wicked sense of humor.

The display pictured in figure 37 is a classic example of the mix-n-match method of yard artistry that showcases the neighborhood's unusual perspective. Combining a nude male and clothed child statue could be considered a big mistake, but the black plastic planter suggests that the naked guy is only hiding behind the sunflower to take a "pee in the potty." The laughing child statue further indicates that from this perspective, public exposure is indeed fun, and funny! A good sense of humor is probably what is keeping this display off of the yard-art offender registry list. Many other mirthful mix-n-match yard art mash-ups exist throughout Ruby Hill, and include the reflective grilling Madonna.

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