KUVO and Denver Public Schools want to give students all that jazz

Hugh Ragin.

KUVO, a jazz-oriented radio station at 89.3 FM, has had a good many financial challenges of late, as pointed out in "Changes in the Air at KUVO," a January Message column. But the outlet remains devoted to one of its primary missions -- introducing new generations of listeners to this most American of musical genres. With that in mind, KUVO has entered into a new partnership with Denver Public Schools, in which students will be allowed to visit the station's studios to catch live music events like a mid-October performance by the Janine Santana Group attended by a cadre of teens from Abraham Lincoln High School.

The new project will be celebrated during a Tuesday, November 18 gig at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge co-starring Hugh Ragin, who's both a world-class performer and a faculty member at South High School. DPS music faculty and staff are invited to attend the bash, which is being co-sponsored by Black and Read Books and Music. For more information, phone 303-480-9272. -- Michael Roberts