Video: Learn more about Shannon Galpin and Mountain2Mountain in new documentary

Our recent cover feature, "Peak Performance," tells the story of local humanitarian Shannon Galpin, who in 2006 founded Mountain2Mountain, an international outreach effort targeted toward working with women in crisis zones. That year, the rape survivor and single mother left her job as a Pilates instructor to make her first trip to Afghanistan, a country she has since visited multiple times a year to explore opportunities for aid abroad.

In the six years since she founded Mountain2Mountain -- and then made it a nonprofit -- Galpin and the group's partner organizations in Afghanistan have funded computer labs for women's schools, staged concerts and street art classes, launched the initial phase of a new School For the Deaf and developed daycare programs for the children of female inmates, among other projects. In the story, we walk you through those programs -- and the struggle behind their creation.

But if you are more visually inclined, you can also watch some of Shannon's story in a recently debuted documentary. Through their MoveShake series, filmmakers Allie Bombach and Sarah Menzies chronicle the lives of change-makers in the fields of environmental and social justice, and Galpin's tale made the first round of releases. To read more about it, visit our sister blog, Show and Tell.

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