Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: Balloon Boy reveals the global threat of hoaxsterism

In response to the Balloon Boy hoax, The Cell reopens its, "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere -- Understanding the Threat of Terrorism exhibit as... Upon entering the exhibit, each visitor will receive a card with the biography of someone whose life has been forever ruined by an act of hoaxsterism. A short film, narrated by Kim Christiansen and John Elway, details the insidious spread of global hoaxsterism.

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The Tools of Hoaxing: How do hoaxster carry out their malicious deception? What kinds of tools do they need? Visitors will view replicas of the weather balloon, the box in the attic, the soiled Wife Swap pantsuit, and the hoaxster's most deadly weapon -- the national spotlight. Hoaxes Hitting Home: A visceral cinematic experience that explains the vast and indiscriminate nature of the hoaxsterist threat. Victim testimonials further illustrate the six stages of the hoax cycle that occur when a collective audience experiences a thorough hoaxing. The Action Center: The continued popularity of reality TV challenges everyone to help stop the hoaxsterist trend. The exhibit ends with a display that tell visitors how to recognize the four signs of hoaxsterism and who to call to make a report at each level of danger.