SkyNet, convention center's poorly named digital billboard, appears to be terminated

Here's good news for all those fearing the coming robot apocalypse: SkyNet, the company behind the giant digital billboard at the Colorado Convention Center named for a fictional, computer-based defense system that takes over earth and spews out Arnold Schwarzenegger robots, seems to have been terminated.

We received the news via an e-mail yesterday that contained no info other than a federal foreclosure report. (Clearly, it must have been sent from a human rebel far off in the future.) The report detailed the foreclosure of Advance Display Technologies, Inc., the local tech firm responsible for SkyNet. Apparently, the company had not met the conditions of its $15 million loan, because it hadn't been able to sell any of its SkyNet screens by July 1, 2010.

No word as to whether the screens' poor choice of names had anything to do with it.

So what does this mean for the SkyNet that's currently flashing colorful ads and announcements on the side of the convention center -- the one waiting for the right moment to turn evil and electronically send the Giant Blue Bear sculpture rampaging through the city? Does this lower our chances of being overrun by robots bearing an uncanny similarity to the governor of California?

It's hard to say. But now, at least if Judgment Day comes, we have a new weapon to use against our monstrous cyborg overlords: foreclosure.