David Lane: University of Wyoming claims security, not censorship, in William Ayers ban

Last week, David Lane threatened to sue the University of Wyoming if it didn't respond to a letter about the institution's speaking ban against controversial professor William Ayers within a couple of days. The university failed to do so -- and a lawsuit soon followed.

In a Westword interview, Lane expressed confidence that the U.S. District Court where the suit was filed would respond quickly to the filing, particularly given that students want Ayers to speak on April 28 -- and he was right. In an e-mail, he notes that a preliminary injunction hearing will take place at 10 a.m. Monday in Casper. He adds, "The University is now contending that the reason they won't allow Ayers on campus is not related to censorship but due instead to security."

Lane predicted this approach -- and he believes it'll be quickly shot down. "The law has already dealt with that issue," he said last week. "The law has said the government's job when confronting security risks based on free speech is to provide more security, not less free speech."