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Reader: Amendment 64 isn't full marijuana legalization, but that can still happen

Our post about a Law Enforcement Against Prohibition letter to Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, asking the federal government not to interfere with implementation of Amendment 64, morphed into a conversation about A64's limitations. One reader acknowledges them, but sees the act as part of a shift toward broad marijuana legalization.

anons1234 writes:

Baby steps....

Of course A64 people want full legalization.. but the problem is.. that will never pass. MJ legalization needs to be eased into. (there is still a lot of fear in the public)

What you are trying to do is equivalent to trying to go to the moon without a rocket ship....trying to cross a harsh river without a bridge...

It won't work, we need to build a foundation that legitimizes cannabis.. So with this being said, you are very counter productive to the "full cannabis legalization" movement that you are preaching about.

Full legalization comes after a successful 64 implementation.

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