Jason McEwan & Michelle White's party favors: Alleged kidnapping with sword, pit bull threats

Jason McEwan and Michelle White threw a party and an episode of The Jerry Springer Show broke out.

That's according to the Greeley police, who say special guests at the bash included a mistaken sexual advance, brass knuckles, a Samurai sword, a narrow escape and a threatened pit-bull attack.

Back on May 7, reports the Greeley Tribune, McEwan asked several folks over for a barbecue at the home he shares with White, his wife. He then proceeded to get so incredibly drunk that one of the attendees, Jose Trujillo, sidled up to White to ask if she could hide the booze before McEwan really lost control.

Too late. Court records say McEwan saw this conversation and assumed Trujillo was hitting on his wife. So he began hitting on Trujillo, initially using just his fists. But after another guest, Brendan Sparks, tried to stop the pugilism, he reached into his pocket and found a set of brass knuckles. After putting them on, McEwan allegedly clobbered Sparks badly enough to require stitches, with Trujillo and Dennis Trujillo, also on hand for the barbecue, getting their own taste of cold metal.

Speaking of which, McEwan then is said to have grabbed a Samurai sword and told the Trujillos that if they tried to get away, he'd kill them. Cops claim he and White subsequently made them hand over their wallets and cell phones and even moved their car out of sight of any potential rescuers. Along the way, Dennis's cell phone rang and White answered, telling the person on the other end of the conversation that he and Jose had already split.

Luckily for the Trujillos, Jose's mom eventually arrived, and they were able to jump in the back of her pickup truck. Prior to peeling out, Mrs. Trujillo told White she planned to call the cops. If she did, White reportedly replied, she'd set her pit bulls on her.

Once the Trujillos left, records say White buried Jose's wallet and the brass knuckles in front of a doghouse, where police later dug them up.

Shortly thereafter, McEwan was arrested on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault and two counts of third-degree assault, plus robbery, theft and menacing. More recently, White was rewarded with some charges of her own, including two counts apiece of second-degree kidnapping, robbery and assault.

That's one helluva barbecue.

Look below to see full-size mug shots of McEwan and White.

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