Footage of the Rockies' Rain Delay

Sunday's loss to the Philadelphia Phillies may have snapped the Rockies five-game winning streak, but it did provide one of the more bizarre -- and ultimately entertaining -- rain delays in recent memory. A vicious - albeit momentary - rainstorm ripped through the Denver area sending the grounds crew out to cover the infield with a tarp. No sooner had they brought it out, though, that the winds swept in with alarming fury and whipped the tarp violently out of control. Several members of the grounds crew were caught beneath like toy dolls, prompting the visiting Phillies to spring from the dugout and help restore order. Only one Rocky, reliever Latroy Hawkins, helped out from the home team, which begged the question: Was it bad karma that snapped the Rockies win streak? Check out the footage of the surreal rain delay here. -- Adam Cayton-Holland